H.O.M.E. is where its habitable

Check out this article HERE (space colonization terraforming or habitats My question is why can’t we take some appropriately sized asteroid and make a High Orbiting Mini Earth (H.O.M.E.) instead of an enclosed habitat in low earth orbit? The main thing we would have to do is figure out how to steer an asteroid into the appropriate orbit. And since asteroid mining is in the works. I think the miners could do some preliminary studies to see how feasible this is to do. Granted the asteroid would have to be sufficiently small enough not to affect the oceans on earth in being a second moon. I’m not so sure a H.O.M.E. would be visible to the naked eye or not from Earth, but after a small atmosphere is generated in some way I believe the thing to do is worry about how fast you are rotating since it will determine the length of your days for your H.O.M.E.

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